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5 - UC StoryA recent Forbes Insights and Cisco white paper titled Boost Innovation with Video Communications offers some interesting research and advice for businesses looking to adopt video solutions.

The white paper presents eight common business advantages of using video collaboration tools, many of which we regularly share in our own blogs. This includes how video can reduce travel costs, improve productivity, enhance communication across the enterprise, increase opportunities for innovation, open up new markets, enable knowledge management and training, super-charge customer services and accelerate sales processes.

Businesses should look to video to help solve the collaboration headaches associated with dispersed global workforces. Visual communication is now an essential business tool for both internal and external project management, but for some reason there are still businesses that are reluctant to embrace the technology because they believe video is costly and unreliable.

Virtual meeting rooms and OPEX deployment models have made these excuses outdated and arguably irrelevant. Cost should indeed factor in your purchasing decision, however from the point of view of maximising your returns, not whether you should invest in the first place.

The white paper also discusses how to simplify the adoption of visual communication tools. This includes:

  1. Engage the Business – consider use cases for individual departments to ensure everyone is behind the technology and use feedback from teams to improve effectiveness.
  2. Ensure the highest quality of video – low quality video might be a low cost answer in the short term but poor video can be disruptive to conversations.
  3. Select visual collaboration solutions that are easy to use – research new technologies that make collaboration a simple process that everyone can understand the benefit of.

On-boarding staff competently and choosing a reliable, easy-to-use solution will help reap the business benefits that await.

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