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Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

So what’s happened over the last several months? Well…

1. Businesses have continued their relentless march towards ‘as-a-service’ freedom, enjoying all the outcomes that accompany on-prem, hybrid and cloud delivery models. Flexible managed services are easing the burden and cost of maintaining large collaboration estates, in turn freeing your people to focus on new projects, their passions and their work, rather than being occupied with service delivery.

2. The concept of the ‘collaboration ecosystem’ has finally risen over the horizon in a glorious dawn of productivity, efficiency and lower costs,

3. And… intelligent automated networks are enabling a greater scope of collaboration where people no longer only speak to other people, but where we now interact directly with devices and ‘things,’ and devices themselves are speaking to other devices without human input, as this video eloquently explains.

There is one other topic however that’s going to be a great big elephant in the room.

It’s made up of four non-threatening letters, but packs a strong enough punch to wipe out any ill-prepared business in the world.

G. D. P. R.

Yes, you like myself will have been bombarded by email after email from every company under the sun on how to ensure compliance across your business. And you, like myself, are likely focused on implementing the new processes, procedures and systems required to stay on the right side of the law.

Some businesses have a massive luxury where they can simply delete their entire customer database with no negative effect on their brand or sales. Here’s looking at you Wetherspoon’s…

That’s certainly one way of doing it, although for most other businesses that would be corporate suicide.

The rest of us are heavily preparing for the big date in May next year. Every organisation naturally requires a different approach to GDPR and this is much like an approach towards ensuring flawless collaboration.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for either option.

All workforces have their own particularities, ways of communicating, methods of measuring success and technical know-how. Many workers are spread across an ever-growing geographical distance – from remote workers working from home to senior executives out in the field across the world.

This means that now more than ever, businesses need to think strategically about how they connect their workers easily with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers.

It could be as easy as a cloud video solution that connects a small distributed team or a comprehensive estate bringing together teams in different offices on different continents, but whatever the situation…

…we can help identify the right solution for your business. All it takes is one short email to begin. Click here and answer me this… what is your largest challenge with collaboration?


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