The requirements for hybrid working have forced organisations to completely rethink how their staff interact both internally and externally.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, organisations with no collaboration strategy rushed to deploy tactical solutions to enable their staff to continue to keep working remotely. Subsequent events have taught us that the requirement for hybrid workplace is here to stay and it is now time to rethink how collaboration fits into your organisation’s long-term strategic goals.

Challenges we see

What is a collaboration strategy?

Now is the time to rethink how the tactical decisions forced upon you by the pandemic can be rolled into your long-term strategic planning. In an unpredictable world, your organisation needs to be confident it can continue to operate, even in the most demanding of situations. Having a collaboration strategy can significantly improve your organisation’s ability to weather any storm.

Which platform should I choose?

Although the major players might be obvious, the specific requirements of your business may not. Collaboration is not just about real-time communication, it’s also the ability to model workstreams and tightly integrate applications that form the heart of your business.

How will it impact my network?

Nothing stresses a network like real-time video communications. It places unique demands on your infrastructure and forces you to ask, is good enough really good enough?

How can I secure it?

Collaboration across your organisation and beyond is great for getting work done, but it is potentially an enormous security risk. How can you secure your data while allowing your staff the freedom to get stuff done?

What devices do I need?

The key to great collaboration is a great experience, regardless of location. Are your meeting spaces suitably equipped to offer equality in meetings? Do your users have quality audio and video products that maximise the experience, regardless of where they are working? Are their compute devices able to run the latest applications and host collaboration sessions simultaneously? Are you able to monitor and manage all these devices?

How can I maximise the value of my licenses?

By maximising the usage and adoption of your collaboration tools, it offers the perfect opportunity to wring every penny out of your EULA.

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