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The biggest obstacle to success in collaboration projects is not the technology but getting users to adopt the change. In an age where technology can be deployed quicker than people can adapt, having a strategy for encouraging user enablement and adoption is critical to achieving anticipated performance improvements and accelerating the return on IT investments.

With our in-house expertise in transformational collaboration projects, we can enable your users to adopt new technology. Faster, better adoption by users means faster return on investment (ROI) and ensures you gain the performance improvements which they anticipate. We have the capability to deliver all end user training to our customers, no matter what the software or hardware, by utilising a proven methodology that is both vendor and device agnostic.

Challenges we see

Employees are more likely to adopt new technology when they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently use it, understand it’s use in context, and how it can benefit the wider organisation.

Collaboration programmes are rarely just the brainchild of IT, but are typically a steppingstone to achieving strategic goals, such as improved customer engagement or user productivity or satisfaction. Where a deployment is accompanied by a training and communications programme, user adoption of new technologies greatly increases, with Gartner recommending that 17% of the implementation budget being dedicated to user training.

Benefit Realisation

We can help ensure that the benefits promised by investments are realised.

Risk Minimisation

We can help to minimise the risk of failure when deploying a new collaboration solution.

User Training

We can provide user training at the scale and geographic reach required by the Collaboration deployment.

Skills and Knowledge

We can ensure all users have the level of skill and knowledge to be effective which drives satisfaction and adoption.

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