For organisations that wish to understand the benefit and user experience of a particular product, our Proof of Concept (POC) service framework provides a time bound, fixed scope, step-by-step methodology for Test and Acceptance.

POCs allow organisations to discover and learn about new technologies with less risk.

If new technologies are explored and deployed without a solid underlying framework, decision makers and budget holders can become confused as to whether the new solution provides a clear benefit or meets a specific need.

POCs encourage the structured adoption of new technologies, providing a framework to manage time and cost, and the ability to evaluate the outcome constructively. This results in a more coherent technology strategy moving forward into deployment, adoption, and service.

Challenges we see

Manage Risk

Most technology projects contain significant unknowns and assumptions. POCs are one of the most effective mitigation tools to surface risk, and often go hand-in-hand with discovery exercises on larger projects.

Increase Stakeholder buy in

A well-designed and executed POC is a strong, demonstrable anchor point in the evolution of a project that proves that not only is a solution viable, but that the ability to both technically and operationally implement that solution exists and can be scoped in terms of both time and money.

Create a culture of innovation

Not every POC will be a business success, and even among POCs that are a success, not all will drive a production project. Acknowledging this reality is important in organisations that want to embrace innovation.

Our Process

Agreed entry and exit criteria

We will work with you to ensure that entry and exit criteria is met prior to commencement of test execution.

Discovery Audit to understand current Environment

SCC Collaboration will work with your organisation to understanding the current environment to provide the best possible bespoke service for you.

Functional & Non-Functional Requirements gathering

We will carry out a specific test element to demonstrate the proof of concept is installed and functional.

Engineer lead installation, testing, & hand over

SCC Collaboration will be there to support your organisation from installation, testing and hand over.

Funded Options

Big project? Commercial options for funding are available which enables you to explore how you can improve your collaboration technology.

Project plan for agreed rollout and adoption

We will agree a project plan for rollout and adoption, ensuring your organisation is fully supported.

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