Ensuring all your collaboration solutions are underpinned by robust security.

Everything we do with technology brings its own inherent risks. This is no different in the collaboration space. As we all interact, we connect to others and some form of open channel. Building the required security elements is key to providing a solution which will not become an additional risk.

We leverage the security history of our vendors as well as the experience of our internal teams across all architectural areas to provide a safe environment whether you are holding meetings, communicating over messaging platforms or talking via the cloud.

Challenges we see


Meeting devices

With the desire to use multiple devices to connect to meetings, the requirement to secure these has grown. This means each type of device i.e. in-room, mobile, laptop, needs to be considered with a different security model depending on the software platform being used to collaborate.


Lack of awareness

With the rise of remote working, many organisations have not been able to keep up to date with the security requirements of home workers who may be communicating with many other organisations over multiple platforms. Educating employees on the best way to keep their communications safe is a key factor in keeping the whole organisation secure.


Cyber attacks

New ways to electronically attack businesses are being released all the time meaning security needs to be constantly reviewed and protection regularly updated.

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